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SPHERAes is a software technology for the assessment, evaluation, coordination and control of business processes. It is a complex system that is able to optimize the structure of operational flows, spreading knowledge to every corporate level thanks to the high degree of automation, which simplifies IT data processing.

It is not a product, but a software development methodology supported by an IT system that keeps up with the latest technologies.
Since it is not a closed product, it allows to realize solutions in a fast, reliable and precise way, meeting all the development requirements.
It is implementable without interrupting the business continuity, while helping the organization and consultants in supporting, auditing and optimizing the business processes.
It is born within the scope of Internal Control Systems, where organizational structures and regulatory requirements are in continuous and rapid change, but it is also suitable for any other kind of need and context.
It is implementable in those situations characterized by dynamic business management, which continuously changes and evolves… that is always the case nowadays.

A real Integrated Internal Control System


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