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integrated system control


EQV is a firm specialized in software development that is able to represent, monitor and optimize every business process in small, medium and large organizations. Born in 2001 from an experienced team of IT professionals who worked in the Auditing industry since 1990, EQV currently offers the only system in the market that realizes a real Integrated Control System. The recognized professional competence allows EQV to proceed in a wide range of in-depth analysis of business strategies, therefore the consequent results can only be extremely reliable. In particular, considering the adaptability and flexibility its products, EQV ensures fast and concrete executions, which are essential requirements in order to maintain the standard working rhythms within the clients’ business.

  • Support for multiple Business Units
  • Support for multiple language
  • Support for multiple control frameworks
  • Support or multiple regulations
  • Policy management
  • Business process modelling (WFL)
  • Resource management
  • Assessment
  • Questionnaire & Survey
  • Self-Assessment
  • Risk management
  • Controls automation and monitoring
  • Evaluation management
  • Simulation & Testing
  • Incident management
  • Remediation management
  • Business application integration (ETL)
  • DataWareHousing
  • Dashboarding (OLAP)
  • Reporting
  • Document and records management (DAA)
  • Communication management (Mail, Web)


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