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Gartner is the global leader in IT research and consulting, helping its customers make the right strategic decisions, keep up with changes and follow technology innovation.

Engineering, with approximately 11,000 professionals in 65 locations (in Italy, Belgium, Germany, Norway, the Republic of Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Argentina, Brazil and the USA), the Engineering Group designs, develops and manages innovative solutions for the business areas.

Nexen is the consulting company of the Engineering Group where our long experience in the relationship with the customer and our solid technological competences converge (eg Robotics, Automation, Big Data, Cloud, Open Banking, Artificial Intelligence, …)

iia - The institute of internal auditors

The Italian Institute of Internal Auditors is established to improve the governance systems, risk management and control through the development of the Internal Audit function

Assintel is the national association of reference for ICT and Digital companies of Confcommercio. Protects the interests and needs of different types of companies operating in the market.


Codacons is an association born in 1986 which coordinates other associations to protect the environment and consumers’ rights, one of the most representative realities in Italy thanks to the high volume of activities and initiatives.

Gruppo Sole 24 Ore

Gruppo 24 Ore is the leading multimedia editorial group operating in Italy in the economic, financial, professional and cultural information industry, which offers several services to both professionals and companies.


ABI Compliance System is a product line that supports Italian banks for the compliance management with all the regulations of their interest, conceived and developed by ABI and ABIFormazione since 2007.

Expert System - semantic intelligence

Expert System develops cognitive computing and text analytics software based on artificial intelligence algorithms, able to understand the meaning of written language, similar to humans.

Coratella Studio Legale

Coratella-Studio Legale is a professional association born in 2008, which offers legal, judicial and out-of-court consulting services within the business criminal law sector, both nationally and internationally.

P&S Legal

P&S Legal is a law firm focused on environmental rights, new technologies regulations and strategic consulting fields, which are fundamental to enable innovation and sustainable development.

Global Compliance S.r.l. was founded in 1996 with specific know-how in the areas of planning, management control, verification and implementation of organizational models.


Istituto Nazionale di Documentazione, Innovazione e Ricerca Educativa is the oldest research institution of Ministero dell’Istruzione, supporting the evolution of the Italian school system by investing in training and innovation.

John Cabot - An American University in Rome

John Cabot University, founded in 1972, is an independent, four-year liberal arts university in Rome, offering undergraduate degrees and study abroad programs to English-speaking students from all over the world.

Università Studi Milano

Università degli Studi di Milano (also known as La Statale) is an Italian state university founded in 1923 and it is the largest university institution in Milan and Lombardia.

Università di Pisa

Università di Pisa, founded in 1343, is one of the oldest Italian and European universities and still it maintains an important dimension, especially in relation to the number of inhabitants of the city that hosts it.



Born in July 2000, during its first years of history Eurobasket Roma has already become one of the most important realities in the national basketball landscape


We support italian conematographic works by investing through Camelot‘s External Tax Credit.

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